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Our Mission

Committed to Keeping Your Rugs Fresh & Clean

for the next Generation

Hand made rugs should be cleaned by professionals, some rugs need to be hand washed for best result. Our washing process is very thorough, by vacuuming the rugs first from both front and back, then we put it in a special bitting machine to get all dust particles that are between the piles out. Vacuum again both sides before rinsing. Spot clean any area that needs special attention, then shampoo the entire rug with our special shampoo and brush. The we rinse the rug a few times to get all the residue out and after it goes through a ringer to get the excess water out we hang dry is in our temperature control room for drying. After drying we brush one more time and inspect one final time.

At this time we might recommend any repair that might be necessary for the longevity of the rug.

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