Clean Rug is a happy rug :)

Hand made rugs should be cleaned by professionals, some rugs need to be hand washed for best result. Our washing process is, vacuuming the rugs from both sides, then we beat it in a special beater to get all the dust particles that are between the piles out, vacuum again, then we rinse the rug to get all the dust out. At this point we spot clean any area that needs special attention. With special shampoo we wash the rug a few times as needed and rinse it in between. We rinse one more time very thoroughly to get all the residue out and then we hang dry it in our temperature control dry room.

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We will pick up and deliver your rugs for cleaning or repair within 15 miles of our location.
However, you can bring your rugs in and receive a
25% drop off discount on all Services, Cleaning, Scotch Guard & Rug pad

Here you can see three short videos of our common cleaning process.  It is designed for fine Oriental rugs as well any other area rugs. 


From the moment your rug is received at our plant, we begin the process that only In-Plant cleaning can provide. We offer the most complete professional rug cleaning possible.

We are ready when you are!