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To appraise oriental rugs you need to know the history of rugs and what makes one more valuable than the others. What is the origin country of it and in what area it was woven, what kind of fiber has been used, is it wool, silk, kurk or cotton? What kind of dye has been used, chrome dyes or natural vegetable dyes? It is also very important to know the year that rug has been woven, in some cases who was the weaver and the region that rug was woven. All of these has great importance on determain the value of a rug.

I have been involved with rugs and rug making for over 30 years and was brought up in a country which makes some of the finest rugs in the world. One can never claim that he knows it all, but I have very good knowledge and I can appraise your rug very accurately.

Appraise value of a rug is basically a replacement value of rug, taken into consideration the availability of such a rug in the market and the amount time needed to find it. Older rugs are harder to find a replacement for.

If your rug has been damaged by fire or water, we can asses a salvage value for your rug as well as replacement value for the insurance purposes.

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